Erotica by Candy B. Vixen

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Hoodrats.” Ryan Wilson mumbled under his breath, as he perused the photos of sexy women in suggestive poses on his iPhone. “Look at this broad.” Ryan stopped scrolling to examine a photo of a young caramel beauty in purple lingerie. He double-tapped on the photo to enlarge the image. He could see that her nipples were pierced through the see-through material. His chest swelled up in anger as he stared at a crying boy, a toddler no older than three years old, standing in the background looking up at the woman.
“Fuck this.” Ryan exited out the online dating app, then uninstalled it off his phone.
Ryan tapped the icon of his favorite sex hookup app and logged in. He smiled (something he hadn’t done in ages), when he noticed that he had finally gotten a reply back from the woman he had been trying to bone since he first installed the app a year ago.

There’s nothing in the world that irks investment banker, Ryan Wilson, more than hood chicks. Twyla Jackson, better known as ‘Blondi’, is as gutter and money-driven as they come. When Blondi and Ryan unexpectedly connect on an adult hook-up app, their contrast worlds collide as they both relunctantly find themselves in an erotic tryst.

Hood Winked is an original short story from Netcapade: Online Hook-Ups.


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Multimillionaire entrepreneur and socialite, Regina Reid is used to getting anything she wants, even if it’s at the expense of others. With a rolodex of rich eligible bachelors’ at her fingertips, Regina instead opts to have a Valentine’s day fling with one of her employee’s significant other. As exhilirating as the tryst is for the “It girl”, it may not be worth the consequence.

         “Most younger men loved older women and Mack was no exception. At just twenty years old, Michael “Mack” Corleone Jr. was the youngest guy I had ever given my 36-year-old p***y to. By the looks of his nonstop texts and phone calls, I had his nose open wider than a coke addict. In fact, he had become somewhat of a nuisance as of late, always wanting my constant attention. 
       Mack definitely needed to pump his breaks. In addition to me being way out of his league, I wasn’t looking to get serious with any dude with an earning of less than 900k a year. With the exception of a highly attractive stockbroker I had started seeing, the type of men I usually entertained were those of a much higher caliber. You know the type: CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professional men. Mack, on the other hand, couldn’t afford to buy a pot to piss in. Majority of the time, it was I who provided the condoms, weed, and bottles of Hennessey, per his request. If it weren’t for Mack’s unbelievably big black mandingo, I would’ve chucked the deuces a long time ago.”

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Candy B. Vixen presents another collection of sizzling erotic sexcapades.

Not everyone is who they portray themselves to be online, but does it matter when you’re horny and just looking to hook up? Laugh out loud, then cool down with a cold shower with 4 tales of bootycalls initiated through the web. This erotic e-book includes steamy stories by Janeeta Breeze & Miss Vee.


Young, sucessful, and in love, Yale alumni’s Derrick and Heather seem like the ideal married power couple. However, behind closed doors, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to this couple’s secret BDSM lifestyle.


When 30-year-old Jocelyn Howard meets fifty-eight-year-old Kwame Desmond II at a friend’s housewarming party, she ends her night satisfying her peculiar fetish.


A collection of four erotic short stories: 
Couples Therapy, Marcus, Cum with Me & The Writer
These short eroticas by Candy B. Vixen will be sure to have both male and female readers…..well, erect.

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