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With memories of the planet Earth not too far behind, Huey’s journey on the new planet of Negus resumes with Rosa and Kwame. Rosa discovers another phenomenon related to the decalcification of pineal glands. The Melanins continue as visitors from another planet trek to the United States. The collection also includes new stories.

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B L A C K  O U T

With racial tension dividing a small Mississippi town, what happens when one by one, white residents awaken to find themselves with skin pigmentation as dark as those they despise?


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N E G U S (Vol 1)

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The Thirteenth Law

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“In the spring of 3011, God looked upon the Earth and was disheartened at the unnecessary atrocities and injustices against defenseless children. The young suffered helplessly through acts of perversion, neglect, emotional and physical abuse, abduction, and abandonment since the beginning of time. These were horrific acts acted upon not only by strangers, but trusted figures such as parents, grandparents, educators, religious authorities, relatives, and so on. Because society had failed to create an effective safeguard for these vulnerable beings, God called upon a meeting with Enoch, the archangels, the foreman of the spirit guides, and last but not least, Abel, beloved son of Adam and Eve. It was during this meeting that Abel proposed The Universal Law of Youth Protection. God was pleased with Abel and so mandated what is now known as The Thirteenth Law.”

What happens when a terrifying loophole is discovered within the thirteenth universal law?

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T H E    M E L A N I N S

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Beings from another dimension have landed on Earth to conduct research on the inhabitants of Earth. They are disturbed by the treatment of each other, the amount of work for the majority of a human’s lifetime, as well as the mind control that the majority seem to be oblivious of. The most unsettling of all is the discovery of a royal species on Earth. They are in fact the most despised group of the planet. The operators of mind control are the only ones who know truth and use every attempt of mass deception and control to bury the truth to accumulate and hold on to wealth and power. This seems almost blasphemous to the visitors of Earth as the Melanins are the true rulers and royal people back at their homeland. They ultimately discover that they were really sent to Earth on a mission to help release the royals from psychological enslavement.

B E FO R E   T H E   B E G I N N I N G

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The devil wants to tell his side of the story of what happened when him and his fallen angels were kicked out of heaven.